“When I was a kid, my grandmother’s favorite song was an old church hymn – ‘In the Sweet By and By’. She would stand at the kitchen sink singing it repeatedly as she washed dishes. It would drive my Dad crazy. He would grumble to me about how off-key and irritating her voice was, but what really irked him was the part about the ‘Sweet By and By’. He used to gripe, ‘I’m sick and tired about her singing about the Sweet By and By…I’m living in the Nasty Now and Now.’ That always hit me funny, and I’ve always remembered it.


“My goal for today is to win, and win big, in the NASTY NOW AND NOW. We’ve had a great time today… we’ve laughed our heads off. Now we’re about to return to the office squabbles, the family crises, the failed relationships, the financial challenges. But we’ve broken new ground today. If you leave this ballroom determined to use the secrets and truths we’ve just uncovered, I promise you: your business, your relationships, your failures – will do a one-eighty…a total turnaround…beginning right now! Let the winning begin!”


– Excerpt from a speech from Steve to Choices Int’l, Irving, TX on Nov. 27, 2006.